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QuoteTracker is a powerful and complex application which delivers detailed information from over 70 brokerage sites. Most of the brokers offer their clients real-time quotes in order to help them perform successful trades. Using this application, you are able to connect to a large number of brokerage sites where you can find useful data about various trading markets.

This piece of software also allows you to perform transactions directly within the interface of the program. It integrates all the necessary tools which will help you trade on various markets such as: Forex, Bonds, Futures, Indices, Stock, Comodities and many others. QuoteTracker can be considered a handy tool for every trader, given the fact that it is able to provide charts that contain various indicators and trend lines from different trading markets. It allows you to keep track of your portofolios, as well as to create different alerts for your stocks.

The interface of the program is well organized and provides quick access to all the trading tools you might need. In addition to this, you are offered the opportunity to adjust a wide variety of settings in order to get the full efficiency from this application.

Briefly, QuoteTracker is a very useful program that provides detailed information regarding the evolution of different markets. It can also be used as a trading platform, given the fact that it integrates all the features you might need when it comes to online trading.

Josephine Seaman
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  • Provides real-time quotes about brokers and financial sites
  • Creates client portfolios
  • Fast access to price-lists


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